Allah says in Quran, In Soorah Aal'imraan 3:110 "you are the best nation raised up among mankind (because) you command the good and prohibit the evil” Commanding the good is not sufficient in itself to earn us the title "best of the nations" it must be complemented by the prohibitions of evil. Purifying the Religion of Allah and defending it from the attacks of deviant pseudo-Islamic groups is a collective obligation of all pious and God fearing Muslims


Friday, February 19, 2010

Jamaat e Islami and Terrorism

All praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds,

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah

Sub: Jamaat e Islami and Terrorism
It is the duty of every Muslim to adhere to the right path and keep away from that which will provoke trouble where you live, and to call people to Allah with wisdom and beautiful preaching. Islam has spread through knowledge, justice and PEACE.
A Muslim can never be a threat to the common innocent people. In fact, a Muslim should be a source of peace for innocent people since Islam always stands for peace and consider anything which goes against it as the last resort of the religion e.g. war. Islam means, achieving peace by submitting one’s will to Allah, the Almighty God. It promotes peace and universal brotherhood among the people. Islam has very trenchant ideas for achieving this goal (peace and the universal brotherhood) through presenting an acceptable common term for the entire people in the world i.e.' There Is No One Worthy of Worship but Allah, the Almighty God Alone and No Partner and No Associate for Him'.
Islam never support racism, terrorism, colour discrimination, communal disharmony, violence, hostility etc and it is also not a religion to conquer the land to establish an Islamic state instead it conquering and purifying the heart of the people to prepare them for the life after death through the remembrance of Allah, the Almighty God. Islam stands for tolerance not for intolerance and shows willingness to recognize and respect the beliefs and practices of others without compromising its own beliefs and practices.
It is very unfortunate, some of the so called Muslims attacking the innocent people including Muslims all over the world? The Killing of innocent people is prohibited by Allah, the Almighty God. The Holy Qur’an says killing an innocent person is equal to kill all mankind, and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind (Al-Ma'idah - 5:32). Then, how can a Muslim kill innocent human beings?
It is very relevant to note the action taken by the Saudi religious authority that banned some of the books on extremist ideology of Sayid Qutub and Maulana Maududi, the founder of Jamaat e Islami.
Due to their heretical writings and distorting of the basic tenets of Islam, some of the youths went to the destructing ideology of Khawareej, a deviated sect of early Muslims who had fought against the companions of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) These sorts of people are bigmouthed to establish hukumate ilahi, ruling of Allah in the world by removing the un-Islamic government. They even declared the Muslims who have been co operated with such countries were kafir/ apostate.
Dr. Bilal Philiphs has opined about Jammat e islami and Ihwaan in his website

“I have been accused of getting my Islaamic “tarbiyah” from the likes of Muhammad Qutub and Maududi, and that I encourage people on my website to read specific books of his! Subhaanallaah, how things can be distorted to fit the desires! I mentioned in an interview on how I accepted Islaam, twenty-eight years ago, that before I was Muslim I was involved in the university Communist movement. Then I read a book by Muhammad Qutb and another by Maududi, which heightened my interest about Islaam (as a NON MUSLIM). Does this mean I received my Islamic tarbiyah from them, or that I aid their minhaj and mistakes? This is indeed tahreef (distortion).
And for the record, I do not consider Maududi and Muhammad Qutb to be true scholars. I put the word scholars in quotes to stress this point. Though they are not scholars to be relied on for knowledge, as the scholars are alhamdulillaah available, many laymen consider them such.
In the beginning of the twentieth century movements and groups arose calling to the return of Islamic rule in Muslim lands and to the reformation of Muslim beliefs and practices. Among the political movements were those of Hasan al-Bannaa (d. 1949), founder of the Ikhwaan Muslimoon movement in Egypt and Sayyid, Abul-A’laa Mawdudi (1903-1979), founder of the Jama‘at Islami movement in India. Both of these movements called for the establishment of an Islamic state to replace the existing colonial or neo-colonial administrations. Consequently, they both came into conflict with the rulers of their areas. One of the members of the Ikhwaan, Jamaal ‘Abdun-Naasir, seized control of the government and systematically rounded up members of the movement and tortured and executed many of them in order to crush it. The Ikhwaan was then forced underground, and became a secret society which developed a structure similar to communist cells in order to continue to operate. Oaths of allegiance were required of all members and the call for Islamic State evolved into a recruitment drive for members. Many of them entered a dangerous realm, declaring the Muslim rulers disbelievers, due to the fact that they did not rule according to what Allaah revealed, and many others even called for revolt against the rulers, an action strictly prohibited by the Prophet (s). They neglected the rectification of issues of ‘aqeedah and others, deserving first priority, and made their focus the establishment of an Islaamic state. Very little efforts were made to correct beliefs and practices as collecting members became the chief priority. Controversial issues of beliefs and practices were seen as divisive and, as such, were deliberately avoided. Their members who fled to the West to avoid persecution and further their academic studies set up student organizations like F.O.S.I.S. and M.S.A. and I.S.N.A. through which members continued to be recruited.
Many from the Ikhwaan gave oaths of allegiance to Khomeini as the caliph. New offshoots from the Ikhwaan appeared under the names of Takfeer wal-Hijrah, Jamaa’atul-Jihaad, and al-Jamaa’ah al-Islaamiyyah with members prepared to seize power immediately. In these groups a philosophy of violence evolved which was justified by declaring all Muslim rulers to be disbelievers as well as all those who worked in state institutions… These failures are a result of their lack of focus on ‘aqeedah and their adopting a methodology which contradicts that of the Prophet (s) and his companions”
(Following are from a debate with an adamant follower of maududi, with a fake email id;, on jammat link with Terrorists)

Virtually our self proclaimed yanbumuslim, the JIH activist has paralysed. What ever proof I have provided to him regarding the terrorist link of Jamaat e islami, he repeats the same phrase, "where is proof, proof, proof"!! SubahanaAllah!! What else we expect from a maududist other than repeating the same blunders. Let us have a final postmortem to the self proclaimed yanbu muslim, the unfortunate adamant activist of Jamaat e (islami) Kerala. He has frightfully frustrated and disappointingly unsuccessful in his attempts. But he has kept the general qualities of his comrades of Ji by accusing others are lying (he said: "if you have proof....tell this this....proof this....(but it must be genuine).....otherwise i am not going reply anymore.......i dont want to listen lies and stories and media news from here and there)"
what this guy is expecting, Maududi followers only have to declare themselves that they became extremist and terrorist because of reading Maududi books?!! We provided him many proofs that most of the terrorists including Usama bin laden have had connection with the ideology of Jamaat e Islami or Ihwanul muslimun. Even this so called self proclaimed yanbumuslim do not dare to reveal his original name then how can we expect it from Usama Bin Laden. But Muslims have enough proofs from Jamaat e islami’s literatures which says that Usama bin laden, Kashmiri militants, Hizbul Mujahideen, SIMI etc is/was part of them. Insha’Allah, let us see who is lying and who is steadfast with the truth. I seek refuge with Allah from the whispering of both inns and Shaitaan. I seek refuge with Allah from misguiding others and misguided by myself.
Before going to start the appraisal, esteemed readers should understand the fact that Abul A'ala Maududi has started with his first book, Holy War in Islam (1927) and he spread his revolutionary thoughts, heretical, aberrant ideas among the mass but it has been institutionalized only in 1942 through the formation of Jamaate Islami Hind. From then, his deviated ideology has been spread as an institutional or organized manner through the channels of Jamaat e Islami in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. There is no difference between any Jamaat e Islami organizations whether it is from Kerala, India, Pakistan, Kashmir, Bangladesh etc since all these groups are inspired and indoctrinated from the ideology of Maududi. From this perspective, we have to analyse his question (can you show me single proof as any person who became terrorist by reading only maududi books and his words)
He said: "what proof have given to me.......first you told interview of farook maududi of pakistan...i showed you complete interview..that he was not against supporting maududi....but he is against jamhet........against jamhet was not my subject....there is also reason for that."
Yanbu muslim is trying to present here that Farook Maududi is not against his great father maududi but he is against Pak Jamaat e Islami. Dear Ji activist yanbu, am I said anywhere contrary to this?!! What are you trying to say here? Readers are not like you in these group but they are sensible and could easily understand your blunders. Let me make it simpler to understand for you.
Proof 1.Was Farook Maududi’s accusation against JEI PAK a fabricated one? If it is not a fabricated then, you have to admit Pakistan JEI is supporting the terrorist of Kashmir and Afganistan as farook Maududi alleged. (in an interview Farooq Maududi accused that presently the situation is such that Jamaat receives Rs. 60,000/- for every militant killed in Kashmir out this, only 15,000-20,000/- are being given to the families of the martyrs, while as the remaining amount is eaten up by the JEI leaders themselves who have opened a factory of martyrs. JEI leaders have made money by getting others children killed. As far as they themselves are concerned, no son of Qazi Hussain Ahmad was killed either in Afghanistan or Kashmiri, 'Jihad' and his children are leading a luxurious life while studying in the United States.)
Proof 2. Jamaat e islami (Kerala)’s publication, Prabodanam also certify the relation between jamaat and Kashmir Militant.
Prabodhanam’s 50th annual edition writes about Kashmir Jamaat e Islami that jamaat e islami has achieved very strong influence in the valley of Kashmir since the extremism has reached in the supremacy in the valley. Hizbul Mujaahideen, the most powerful extremist group in the Kashmir is a friendlier of Jamaat e islami. Apart from this Jamaat e Islami has formed a group called “Allahu Tigers”. Jamaat e islami also worked as an intermediary between many extremist groups to strengthen them through unification. In the political arena, jamaat e Islami started a coalition front, Tehrike Huryathe Kashmir (Kashmir liberation front), by joining 13 different parties together and the largest party among them is Jamaat e islami. The chairman of Mutahida Jihaad council, a combined organization of all Militias/ forces, was an adamant leader of Jamaat e islami.
Proof 3. JEI Pakistan is supporting the Kashmir militant and Talibaan, the proof has quoted from the official website of Pakistan Jamaat e Islami. Syed Munawar Hasan, the chief of Pakistan Jamaat e islami, declared that the era of the US was over as it was facing a humiliating defeat in Afghanistan. He said that the real threat to Pakistan came from Americanisation and Altafization, and not Talibanisation. The Azad Kashmir JI chief Abdur Rashid Turabi, Hurriat leader Ghulam Muhamamd Safi and other JI leaders also addressed the rally. Earlier, the participants of the rally formed a human chain with their hands to express their solidarity with the Kashmiris fighting for liberation from Indian hold. As Farook Maududi accused JEI Pak is supporting the Kashmir militant with money, manpower, militia etc.
Proof 4. In a face to face interview, Munavar Hassan, the chief of Pakistan jamaat e islami, categorically said that the best Hukum in this world is the Hukum of Talibaan He is a supporter of talibanisation and as Farook Maududi accused, JEI of Pakistan is supplying money, man power, militant etc to talibaan for the so called Talibanisation.
Proof 5. Jamaat e islami (kerala)’s publication, Islamic Publishing House certify that Usama Bin Laden is a Ihwaani.
Usama bin Laden, the leader of terrorist network of Al Qaeda is the best example of Jamaat e Islami’s link with Terrorist and it is established by Jamaat e (islami) through their publication, IPH’s Islamic encyclopedia, 7th volume, page no. 60. Dear yanbumuslim, if you have any doubts on this content check the same heavy book. Or ask any learned Jamaat e islami activist. You even shame for JI.
Proof 6. Saudi Arabia removes extremist literature/ Books
Nov 28, 2008
By Abdul Rahman Shaeen, Correspondent
Riyadh: In the latest drive to combat terrorism and extremism, the Saudi Arabian authorities have started removing offensive books from all school libraries. The Ministry of Education, keen to protect the younger generation from deviant ideology, issued orders banning a number of controversial books containing extremist ideas. They include two controversial books - The lies about Sayyid Qutb and The Jihad in the way of God.
Several leading Saudi academics and thinkers hailed the ministry's decision, describing this as manifestation of their firm determination to remove all sources of ideological and religious extremism, to protect youths, easily lured into terror networks. Dear yanbumuslim if you find these offensive books with deviant ideology as Saudi Arabian authority said, please inform the concerned that would help them to take quick action otherwise it would influence the poor, innocent school children. They already suffered lot by Usama bin Ladan etc
Proof 7. Some media highlights; Watch the terrorist attack of Dr usman of Pak jamat e islami at
Jamaat-e-Islami wants to break Pakistan at
Proof 8. SIMI was a student wing of Indian Jamaat e (islami) and they have been trying to adhere and implement the ideology of Maududi in India. The Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), proscribed under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967, was an outfit of jamaat e (islami) and both these organizations are still depended on Maududi’s books and thoughts
Proof 9. The masterminds of NDF of Kerala are former SIMI cadres. It is widely known that several organisations in India are allegedly controlled by former SIMI cadres. Prominent among them are the Kerala-based National Democratic Front i.e. NDF. Jamaat e (islami) also admits this fact.
        So dear self proclaimed yanbu muslim Ji activist, it is very clear that Pakistan jamaat e islami, Kashmir Jamaat e islami and the Indian Jamaat e (islami) are still dependent, have faith and confidence in Maududi and his literatures. Otherwise you have to bring proof on which aspects of these same named, umbrella organizations and ‘bearers of Maududi ideology’ are differed?
The conflicts between pragmatic maududism and ideological maududism have developed lot of discrepancy among the followers of Jamaat e Islami all over the world. Due to this reason, you might have seen among the followers of Maududi with individual ideology and with institutional ideology. Qazi hussain, the Ameer of Pak JEI, Arif Ali, Ameer of Kerala Ji, Maulana Motiur Rahman Nizami, Ameer of Bangladesh, Syed Jalal Uddin Umeri, ameer of India are belongs to institutional and pragmatic maududism meanwhile SIMI, Leshkare thoyiba, Al Qaita, Indian Mujahideen etc are belongs to the ideological maududism.
People those surrendered their brain like self proclaimed yanbumuslim etc would say that Pakistan jamaat e islami is not adhering the ideology of maududi. But the same time he has admitted that Jamaat e Islami of Pakistan distributing money, manpower, militant to Indian Kashmir as the allegation made by Farook Maududi. Then, why don’t you consider O Abdullah’s allegations on Jamaat e (islami) Kerala with the same manner?!! These two persons are individuals and individual ideology of “maududi Islam” has been dispelled from institutional maududism like jamaat e (islami) of Kerala had dispelled O Abdullah and ideological Maududists, SIMI by JIH. If you ask to O Abdullah about the present Jamaat e (islami) of Kerala, he definitely would say as Farooq Maududi said on Pak JEI, that these people, Sideeq Hassan, Arif Ali, shaik Mohd Karakunnu of JI Kerala etc are the shadow of “Jamaat’ founded by Maududi. You may say it is only the “policy changes” from ideological maududi to pragmatic maududism. For example, Maulana Maududi said democracy, secularism, voting etc are Shirk but due to the pragmatic approach, learned from Thihaar Jail and taught by RSS during the time of emergency in India, declared by Indira Ghandi, now Jamaat e (islami) Hind consider voting is an ibaadha and democracy is the best system in the world. But if you ask a common SIMI activist about this interpretation of Maududi they would say that this “Jamaat” is not the party founded by our leader Maulana Maududi. Alas!! When I was discussing with my colleague, an adamant Pakistan Jamaat e Islami about the “policy changes” of Jamaat e (islami) Hind, he annoyed and criticized that this people are committing shirk and following Kufar. But when I asked about the opinion of Farook Maududi about Pak JEI, he refuted him by saying that they even build up the tomb of Maududi in their residence. Allah knows best
           I warn you, myself and others herewith naseeha that we have to return back to the pristine Islam. The Salafi Da'wah is that of the Qur'an and the Sunnah. It is the Religion of Islam - pure and free from any additions, deletions or alterations. It is to adhere to the Path of the Messenger (sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam) and of the true believers (as-Salaf us-Salih). As-Salaf is a collective term referring to the Pious Pioneers in Islam and all those who follow in their footsteps in belief, actions and morals. This methodology/ manhaj are to be followed by all Muslims including the Muslims who have been part of contemporary Madhabee system. But the deviants of Islam, mutazilia, Khawareej, shia etc were not accepted this manhaj rather they used their so called brain/ intellectual and hence, refused to accept the teaching of Qurán and hadith. The salafi Dawa urges Muslim to return their affairs to Qurán and Sunna which is absolutely based on the understanding and interpretation of our pious predecessors, the companions of beloved prophet salallahu wa alyhi wasalam .
May Allah include us among the blessed and help us to steadfast firmly in His religion and strengthen us with wisdom and useful knowledge. Aameen

With prayers for the peaceful life here and the hereafter

Barakallah feek